Parent Coaching

Our parent coaching is designed to support the parents, as a unit, in helping their struggling teen or young adult through the different transitions they face. We are able to do this in the following ways:

  • Helping parents learn to provide emotional safety and hold space for their child
  • Helping parents set boundaries
  • Guidance
  • Home contracts

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching has shown itself to be an extremely effective measure in helping someone maintain their sobriety. Through this connection, individuals are able to feel understood, a part of a community, and connected in ways they may not have imagined. Our recovery coaching helps to keep individuals accountable and provides a road map throughout their recovery process. We do this by providing the following:

  • Assessment of client needs
  • Weekly communication
  • Develop sober care network
  • Drug testing as needed

Family Coaching

As part of our family coaching services, we offer “Whole Family Intensives.” We have found these intensives to help create a shift that isn’t easily achieved in an office or over the phone. Each tailored intensive allows for a family to work on all of the tools they have learned over time in order to implement them in an emotionally secure environment with one of our coaches. Our “Whole Family Intensives” are one to two days of experiential and other therapeutic modalities designed specifically for each family. These intensives often accomplish, in two days, what might take months of regular family coaching. Some areas that we are able to focus on during an intensive can consist of:

  • grief; death of parent or child
  • family discord
  • addiction and recovery
  • health issues (cancer, etc.)
  • healthy communication styles
  • attachment issues

Nature Therapeutic Expeditions (1 to 2.5 days trips)

During each expedition we look to help clients and families reconnect with themselves and nature. In a world that requires such a fast pace, we are all in need of time to slow down and just be. During these expeditions, we look to encourage our clients to enjoy nature and the beauty it offers, look at how they can incorporate these moments in their life more often, and take the time to be in the moment, instead of looking to what they have to do next. It is in these moments when we are still that we are able to hear our own voice and guidance. These expeditions can be provided for an individual or an entire family depending on the experience that is needed. The different types of expeditions we have provided consist of:

  • river trips
  • camping
  • sea kayaking
  • sailing

Technology Addiction

Technology has definitely made the world a smaller place and allowed us to be informed regarding what’s going on with those we have lost touch with, but as a result we have lost touch with the people who are in our lives on a daily basis and right in front of us. How often do you go out to dinner and see an entire family on their electronic devices and not speaking a word to each other? We see it on a regular basis. In order to provide support for families around this difficult challenge, we are offering a group workshop to help our families disconnect from virtual reality and get real…real with love, connection, and the reality you live in.

Teen Mentoring and Coaching

Our teen mentoring and coaching is designed to help teens that are struggling to lead a more successful and productive life. We are able to do this by:

  • Gaining greater understanding as to what motivates and interests them
  • Work on setting goals with them that they would like to achieve
  • Taking steps to complete these goals
  • Helping them to understand the road blocks that stand in their way to achieving their goals.

Young Adult Mentoring and Coaching

As we know, in each stage of life we face different challenges. Some of the challenges faced in young adulthood can be a result of failure to launch. This can be a challenging time for both parents and young adults while the parents figure out how far to push their young adult to become independent and a successful part of life. In order to address this challenge we offer:

  • Failure to Launch Intensives
  • Failure to Launch Coaching

Through these services we are able to help your young adult become confident in their ability to face the world and become independent in caring and compassionate ways.

Delivery of services is provided by:

*Determined between coach and family; extra cost.