Parent and Behavioral Coaching

Our behavioral health coaching is designed to support family members unify in helping their struggling family member though the transition they are facing.

Recovery Coaching

We offer both pre treatment recovery coaching and coaching while a family member is in treatment or post treatment.

Family Intensives

As part of our family coaching services, we offer “Whole Family Intensives.” We have found these intensives to help create a shift that isn’t easily achieved in an office or over the phone.

Nature Intensives

During each expedition we look to help clients and families reconnect with themselves and nature.

Technology Addiction

Technology has definitely made the world a smaller place and allowed us to be informed regarding what’s going on with those we have lost touch with, but as a result we have lost touch with the people who are in our lives on a daily basis and right in front of us.


Our offer mentoring for teens as well as adults who are facing the very common condition of failure to launch. Delivery of services is provided by:

*Determined between coach and family; extra cost.