Recovery Coaching

Pre-Treatment Recovery Coaching

Our pre-treatment recovery coaching service is an in-person meeting typically taking place over one and a half to two days. The first step is an initial intake with your family gathering all relevant information. If residential treatment is deemed necessary; we can then present the idea to the struggling individual if they have not yet agreed to a program. The family can then discuss desires and expectations regarding the treatment process.

After getting involvement from all family members, our team will make contact with a few options that we feel are safe and vetted options to ensure availability, fit with current population and to establish a personal connection with the facility.

When reconvening on the second day, the family will be presented with options and the team will help facilitate the agreement the most suitable program. Once the program is decided, our team will walk the family through the treatment process including the initial phone call, filling out paperwork, and assisting with verification through insurance if needed. Team members can also be available for transport to the program if desired.

Treatment Recovery Coaching

While your loved one is in treatment or coming home, we can help you make the most of that time. This is an ideal time for families to regroup and plan for the homecoming. Our coaches can guide you in creating a home agreement with your loved one, setting boundaries, and learning how to communicate in a more transparent and respectful way. The guidelines you establish which will be in place going forward can be based on your unique value system as a family. Often during the chaos of substance use or crises, families put aside their values in order to adapt to the situations and just get through the day. We can help you regain that perspective during this time when your loved one is safe and getting the help they need. 

When your loved one comes back home, we can continue to guide you through this journey. If helpful, we can offer an in-person meeting reintegrate your family member into the home. The focus of this one day meeting is to discuss and establish boundaries and expectations in coming home and review and finalize the family agreement.