Teen Mentoring and Coaching

Our teen mentoring and coaching is designed to help teens that are struggling to lead a more successful and productive life. We are able to do this by:

  • Gaining greater understanding as to what motivates and interests them
  • Work on setting goals with them that they would like to achieve
  • Taking steps to complete these goals
  • Helping them to understand the road blocks that stand in their way to achieving their goals.

Young Adult Mentoring and Coaching

As we know, in each stage of life we face different challenges. Some of the challenges faced in young adulthood can be a result of failure to launch. This can be a challenging time for both parents and young adults while the parents figure out how far to push their young adult to become independent and a successful part of life. In order to address this challenge we offer:

  • Failure to Launch Intensives
  • Failure to Launch Coaching

Through these services we are able to help your young adult become confident in their ability to face the world and become independent in caring and compassionate ways.