Lynn Sucher, MC, LPC

Lynn SucherLynn Sucher has extensive training and experience in the fields of addiction, mental health, eating disorders, and treatment facility management. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina and her Master of Counseling from Arizona State University.

As a former corporate vice president in broadcasting, Lynn has years of experience in marketing and senior management. She won numerous Emmys and other industry awards during her broadcasting career.

Lynn has a passion for working with adolescents and young adults. She is the former COO of Newport Academy, National Executive Director for Elements Behavioral Health and President and Co-Founder of Treatment Consultants. She trained at The Meadows, Rosewood Ranch, and spent several years in private practice.

She has years of experience working with families of adolescents who are struggling with trauma and mental health issues. She understands how difficult it can be to have a child who is experiencing mood disorders, attachment issues or substance abuse problems. She believes in working with the family system and not just the adolescent who is experiencing these issues.

Lynn has trained with Pia Mellody, Carolyn Costin and Dr. Anita Johnston and especially enjoys working with young women who are struggling with attachment and trauma.

She has sat on several boards serving the homeless in Arizona and California as well as the board of Impact Giving. She was the Chair of the ABC Affiliate Marketing Board, sat on committees for IAEDP, and has led many workshops.

Lynn has led a bit of a nomadic life and has traveled all over the world. She loves to hike, sail, play tennis and experience new places. But most of all, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family.