Joshua Cluff, PsyD, LP

Joshua J CluffJoshua received his Bachelor’s degree from The Evergreen State College with an emphasis on Trauma Studies and Multicultural Counseling. He subsequently obtained his Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He has worked with a wide range of populations, including adolescent victims of sexual/emotional abuse; elementary-aged inner-city youth; at-risk adolescents and their families; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth and adults; adult perpetrators with developmental disorders; adults in a community mental health setting; and university-aged students, faculty, and their families.

Passionate about crisis intervention, Joshua served for nineteen months as both a phone-based crisis counselor and a clinical member of the Berkeley Mobile-Crisis Team, providing field-based and on-site crisis intervention, response, assessment, de-escalation and mediation for the city of Berkeley, California. He then completed a pre-doctoral internship with the American Psychological Association accredited Counseling and Psychological Services at Oregon State University, providing psychotherapeutic and outreach services to students, faculty, and their dependents. He also worked in a private community counseling center serving adults, adolescents, and families.

In 2007, Joshua returned to wilderness therapy, working with adolescent and young adult clients before committing to a full-time assessment practice, providing psychological evaluation and consultation for clients in both wilderness and residential programs, which he has been doing full-time since 2008 with his team at ClearView Psychological Services. While continuing his assessment practice, he served as the clinical director of a therapeutic boarding school treating adolescent boys with Asperger Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and other neurological impairments impacting executive functioning, emotional regulation, and social/interpersonal functioning.

Joshua has created a unique team-based model in order to provide a degree of due diligence and care not otherwise found in psychological assessment and evaluation. His team strives to provide an uncanny degree of care, communication, and consideration in the service they provide to their clients and families.

To his work as a clinical psychologist, Joshua brings a wide variety of unique life experiences and considers himself a partner to his clients; seeking to navigate and find balance and peace in life’s journey. He lives in Salt Lake City with his family and travels nationally and internationally to work with his clients.