Jessica Adams, LCSW

Jessica AdamsJessica Adams, LCSW, has more than 15 years of experience in the mental health field, working throughout the continuum of care. Jessica attended Plattsburgh State University of NY where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Jessica continued her education at Fordham University, where she earned a master’s degree in Social Work. Jessica is currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Florida.

Jessica began her career working for an alternative to incarceration program on the front lines helping those struggling with substance abuse to find appropriate services. She then went onto work with varied populations ranging from the geriatric and adult population, to adolescents and families in foster care and the public school system providing substance abuse prevention services to children and their families. In 2006, Jessica began working with those struggling from eating disorders for the next 9 years. By the end of her tenure working at The Renfrew Center, she oversaw the entire front end process of treatment starting with the initial call through finances, insurance benefits and authorization, bio-psychosocial and as the Director of Admissions and Program Information.

Throughout her career, Jessica has experience being directly involved with clients up through different Director positions. As she has evolved in her career, Jessica has been able to effectively help companies lead their admissions teams. She has worked in building and training staff to reach different families and clients in order to facilitate accessing and receiving the treatment they need. Jessica has also been an Executive Director for an adolescent substance abuse and mental health facility where she lead a team by providing structure programming, encouraging open lines of communication between disciplines, and ensuring the organization was functioning optimally from an operational stand point.

Jessica has a winning combination of clinical prowess, administrative skills, the ability to juggle a multitude of responsibilities, and skill in leading her staff with respect and in the spirit of collaboration.