Jade Wimberley, Registered ND

Jade WimberleyAs a naturopathic doctor, providing alternative medicine, Dr. Jade Wimberley believes in healing with nature as a primary aid and that the relationship between practitioner and patient is paramount in providing quality care.

Dr. Jade is a proud member of both the Colorado and California Naturopathic Doctors Associations and holds medical licenses in California, Colorado, and Utah. She graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year, post-graduate program located in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to medical school, she completed her undergraduate studies in Economics at Denison University. Her life has been a persistent journey of learning how to be healthy and then assisting others to do the same.

Early in her career as a naturopath, Dr. Jade co-founded Zuma Natural Foods in Mancos, Colorado despite critics who warned it was a risky venture. She believed it was an absolutely necessary ad-venture that would help the community thrive. There were no local and organic foods available within thirty miles of Mancos prior to Zuma’s existence, and now the store is an integral community hub.

Dr. Jade left Zuma to join the medical team at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, a holistic therapeutic program for adolescents and young adults based out of Durango, Colorado. She made this career change in order to help others who were in great need of medical care and a connection to nature. The Open Sky team included other naturopaths, medical doctors, osteopaths, registered nurses and a psychologist, all of whom ensured that each client and family received the highest quality healthcare offered in the behavioral health field. Working with such a diverse group of professionals shaped Dr. Jade’s understanding of many healing modalities.

Dr. Jade currently offers integrated medicine at LUX Wellness Center in Carbondale, Colorado serving her community with naturopathic medicines, B12 clinics and workshops, while gently encouraging her patients to live life to the fullest.