Kimberly Bush, MC, EDS


As someone who places my family above all else, I understand the need to strengthen familial relationships, learn healthy communication patterns and encourage problem solving. I love working with families as a partner in helping them find a path that aligns with their own values and dreams.   

     My career as a therapist began in private practice. I worked with the family system in varied settings, including a residential treatment program and two boutique practices. I have worked with all ages, specializing in couples counseling, behavioral interventions, treating depression and anxiety, addiction and the unique issues facing young adults. I have also facilitated therapy groups for parenting, healthy body image for teenagers and adolescent mental health.

     After leaving private practice I spent several years coaching within a concierge behavioral consulting firm specializing in pre and post treatment of the struggling individual and family system as a whole. That position focused on long term, intense, and very hands-on work with clients and their families over a period of a year or more. My clients in that setting normally had co-occurring drug and alcohol issues with behavioral, mental health or failure to launch. 

     I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Maryland, and a Master’s in Counseling and Specialist in Education from Seton Hall University. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Neuropsychology. 

     I am grateful that my mom, Lisa Jackson, and I did our own parallel process during my developmental years. That has not only brought us a rich and loving personal relationship. It has also led to us working together in the past four years, and in our work with The Jimenez Group. When we have the chance to work together as coaches with a family, we hope that our experiences in growing together during very challenging times guides us in helping other families find their hope, love and respect for one another again. It’s an honor to be part of their journey. 

     I love to travel, and am happy to meet with families wherever they live. While much of our work is done virtually, I feel that sitting with a family in their home and sharing a meal, some tears, and some laughter can effect change in a unique way. 

My husband of ten years, Scott, is a record producer and moved us from Florida to Nashville 4 years ago which has been wonderful for our family. We love this area and the people in it. Madeline, our seven year daughter, loves science, reading and dance, and begins to hate any activity once it becomes organized and stops being “freestyle”.