Our Mission

The Ruben Group coaches empower families in their journey to seek healthy changes in their loved ones and in themselves, while creating space for a successful and harmonious future.

Our Approach

Our coaches have decades of experience with a unique approach in guiding clients through experiential, cognitive-behavioral, relational, and pragmatic techniques to meet your needs. We utilize skills of healthy communication, a structure of accountability, education and nature in guiding them through their day to day life. These experiences help families build value driven boundaries, which provides space for developing emotional safety.

About Us

We guide families in whatever step of their journey they are currently in. This can include the first steps of evaluating whether a treatment center or wilderness program is appropriate, and helping families agree on the best option. If residential treatment is not chosen as the optimal path, we can assist the family in building a core team of care and support for their loved one. Our involvement can continue during treatment and when loved ones return home.

A tailored approach is taken based on the needs of each individual family. Our staff is well versed in going with the flow and figuring out creative solutions with you as situations develop. We understand being fluid and flexible is what best serves our family partners. Part of our time spent with families often includes creating a home agreement. Our engaged approach helps parents or loved ones set and hold boundaries, based on their own family value system, and to guide families in communicating in a more loving and transparent way.  

Our team brings together the assets gained from decades of diverse clinical experience. Our coaches have experience in residential and outpatient treatment programs, wilderness therapy, health and wellness, eating disorders, substance abuse, mental illness and management/leadership. As a team, we actively practice staying true to the core concepts we emphasize with families. More simply said, we walk the talk. Our coaches work hard every day with one another in the spirit of collaboration, understanding each other’s point of view, communicating honestly yet respectfully, and managing appropriate boundaries. Most importantly, we work together because each of us genuinely loves our work and loves one another. In a way, we are our own family system, and we strive to keep our family strong, loving and authentic.  

Ruben Jimenez

Ruben Jimenez

Founder, Family Coach

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Dave Schuster

Family Coach

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Lisa Jackson

Family Coach

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Kimberly Bush

Family Coach, Recovery Coach

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Ilana Kind Ackerman

Ilana Kind Ackerman

Director of Retreats, Family Coach

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